Building up a business is hard work. You need to shield what you’ve built against risk and protect it. Commercial business insurance from Bothun Insurance provides a wide range of protection for businesses under a single policy. We offer property insurance covering business property damage and product on premises, liability to protect against damages to third parties, and workers compensation to cover injuries to your most important asset: your employees.


business insurance - Bothun Insurance AgencyProperty: The unexpected can happen. A natural disaster can wipe out in moments what took years to build. Property insurance covers your building, business income, and business personal property.


Liability: No one wants to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit. Businesses need help to navigate the process and come out whole at the end if one happens. Liability insurance from Bothun Insurance will cover the cost of your legal defense and, if necessary, legal damages up to the limits of your policy.


Workers’ Compensation: Accidents happen. Even though you run a safe, secure environment, any number of things can occur: machinery accidents, falls, illnesses related to the job, and/or bodily injury. Workers’ Compensation addresses an employee’s medical needs and the loss of time at work that may occur due to the injury.


business insurance - Bothun Insurance AgencyCrime: Robbery and embezzlement aren’t the only crimes a business can face. Those and the gaps can be bridged through crime insurance from Bothun Insurance. Some examples of crime could be an employee dishonesty and crimes related to money such as forgery and currency alteration.


Business Auto: There are many factors beyond the control of your drivers while they are using your business’s vehicles. Injuries to other parties and damage to others’ vehicles or property claims are covered through this insurance.


Business Life: Of all business assets, people are the most valuable. Business life insurance from Bothun Insurance assists in employee retirement as well as bonus plans, buy-sell agreements, group insurance, and debt liquidation

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