If you have substantial tangible assets or even just a few, you need the safety provided by a Homeowners insurance policy. Owner or renter, apartment or house, these policies will have you covered. A carefully written Homeowners policy from Bothun Insurance Agency will pay to replace any of your personal property that is destroyed in a fire or other disaster. If someone is injured at your home, you may face a lawsuit. This policy can cover it.

home owners insurance - Bothun Insurance AgencyResidential Homeowner: In particular areas of the country, severe storms are common. It’s always possible your home may be damaged or destroyed in a storm, by a fire, or due to another unexpected event. Bothun Insurance Agency will make sure you still have a home and will pay for covered personal belongings.

Renters: Some renters may feel covered because the property owner insures the house. Not true. Renters insurance combines coverages for your personal property and also provides personal liability insurance.

Personal Property: This provides coverage for other valuables, such as jewelry or electronics and personal belongings. You want to make sure you can replace the home entertainment system you have invested in.

home insurance - Bothun Insurance AgencyPersonal Liability: Your dog bites your neighbor while standing together on your front porch, and the man needs medical attention. Personal Liability provides coverage if someone is injured on your property. It also protects you if you cause an accident to or on someone else’s property.

Personal Umbrella: It is possible for Bothun Insurance to cover a claim of large size. Personal umbrella insurance will shield you from exceeding the limits of your policies.

Coverages that may be added include flood insurance, protection against and assistance in resolving identity theft, and insuring applicants with credit or insurance loss problems.

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