Bothun Insurance Agency can design a unique policy based on the needs of your operation, no matter how big or small. We have several insurers that provide broad and flexible agribusiness insurance solutions, specializing in hog confinements and dairy operations. You’ll be able to protect specific crucial assets as well as add extra protection to cover liabilities.


Farm & Ranch

In the event of a loss, this policy covers your residence and related private structures, personal property and additional living costs. Bothun Insurance Agency can also expand your policy to protect your barns, tenant dwellings, machinery and tools, livestock, and exposures to liability.


Farm Business Auto

Local, well maintained, farm-use trucks can be protected with this coverage.


Farm Umbrella

Umbrella coverage will shield you from exceeding the liability limits of your farm policies and may include personal liability as well. It can also provide excess limits over other business and personal policies.


Animal Mortality

If your business is based on the good health and vitality of expensive animals, Animal Mortality coverage is an absolute necessity. Overall, this insurance will cover the cost of the animal in the event of its death. It protects you from losing potential profit associated with the animal if it dies. Bothun Insurance Agency’s mortality insurance offers flexible coverage against the risks inherent to the animal business. We offer insurance products tailored to the equine; poultry; feedlot, pasture, and dairy cattle; and confined swine operations.


Workers’ Compensation

About half of all states allow agricultural employers to provide little or no workers’ compensation coverage for seasonal and migrant farmworkers. This is an unfortunate truth, as agriculture is one of the most hazardous occupations in the country. Each state has its own requirements. Come see us at Bothun Insurance to discuss your worker’s compensation needs.


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